Beech Drive, Newton Poppleford April update

The Brick laying contractors have been pressing on throughout the snow and heavy rainfall we have had over the last few months at Beech Drive.

With only a few delays due to the weather Plots 1 & 2, with Plot 3 following closely behind, are now up at floor joist level ready for the carpenters to come in and install the trusses. Once these are in place the roofers can then come to site and get the roof tiles on. 

Once the roof is completed the houses will be rendered & painted and then the scaffolding will be dropped. Meanwhile in the office we will be busy ordering staircases and ensuring everything is in place for the plumbers and electricians to come and do the first fix works really making these houses take shape quickly.

Fingers crossed the weather continues to improve so we can continue with the progress we are making. If you are interested in one of or Beech Drive homes, please do not hesitate to contact us either using the contact us form on our website or Jenny on 01395 234217 or Paul 01395 234216 and we will be more than happy to show you around the site.

Plot 3

Plot 3